Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Speak softly in the night air,
For I have written of a soft trite love,
Gone in the dim of my heart,
It darts about the four walls of my mind,
Apart from all of life,
All but rife with grief,
It floats out among the country lanes,
Trying in vain as It might,
Fighting for a place upon the night sky,
It whispers to me and you,
For it grew anew upon this night,
Bursting with the fruits of devotion,
With notion of only desire,
For it grew of a slow birth,
Full of self worth born of the earth,
It dawned upon this world,
Growing lust only from love,
As a dove slipping from only the whitest glove,
With an innocence so soft,
Showing me to love and follow again,
Never to folly in this hollow land again,
Speaking softly in the night air.

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