Monday, June 16, 2008


Companionship is a relationship
Between, among, and through two
People who instinctively demand
Spending the time on this earth-ship

Companionship is a loveship
Deeply rooted in dual hearts
Which thrive in the strength of the bond
And strive to continually go deeper

Companionship is not a relationship
For the weak, the lazy, or the passive
It is a mode of life
Requiring one to be active, attentive, and persistent

Companionship shakes your emotionship
Can you take it?
Can you, will you fight for it?
Because shakes are tests
Which distinguish companions from all the others

If you pass these tests you prove that you care
More about what is compatible than what is frustrating

Companionship is all relationships combined.
It is the commitment to finding new ways of relating if old ways have faded.
It is the friendship, the love, the strength, the weakness, the persistence.

Companionship is what I share with you mother of mine.
It is what brings out my tears and my cries.
It is the healing force that bonds us so inseparably.

I love you, undoubtedly, unavoidably, and instinctively.
You are my companion. Thank you,
Happy Mother’s Day

(obviously written for my mom, 2005)

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