Saturday, June 21, 2008

Heartbreak Cannot Break Me

Today is breaking into the most beautiful dawn of a new day
Today is the day I have made the choice
Today is a revolution within the core of my heart
Today I choose to live and thrive

My past has its pain and hardness
My past has crept under my skin and eaten my spirit
And though I have succumbed and fallen and darkness once ensued
Today is a new day and I refuse to fall, to be consumed by the darkness
I refuse to waste my life anymore

My future is uncertain for events which are to come
But my future has its certainty and clarity in the strength and vigor I demand
My future is intact for the choice I make today
I choose my freedom to live, to love, and to arise

I take the stand to preserve my life
Untouched by his unfortunate hand
He is not my life, he is not the substance of my heart
He is but one man who will fade as surely as he first appeared

My life is a force all its own
It rises above all the sin and sickness and death
And it takes me along in its unstoppable stride
My life is mine, so safe, so untouchable
So long as I raise my voice to make this choice
To embrace the goodness abound and live

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