Monday, June 16, 2008


My heart is going down with the sun
In your absence it feels more like negligence
I don’t need you to live, I don’t need you to carry on
But I’d like it if our hands fell into one another’s
I’d like it if you and me together were written into the stars

This isn’t set in stone
And though I’m in this for sure
I’m only as sure and you’re surely there for me
No one said it was easy
But no one said it would be this hard
I’m choosing us every day. What are you doing?

I’ve never needed someone to survive
But as I build a life with you, needing is part of it all
And there’s no one I want to need more than you
Without your voice on the other end or an affirmation that you need me too
I’m slipping further and further away

I get what you’re going through, and I wish I were there to help
But at the same time I’ve got stuff too and I want to share it with you
Your distant love isn’t love enough. And the occasional I love you won’t do.
Where were you when I cried, where were you when I disappeared?
Did you even notice? Did you even care?
Or did you just go on through your day, completely unaware

Maybe I’m just bitter and maybe you have a good reason
But it’s getting cold and regardless that this is new
I need you to tell me that you wish you could hold me so I’m reminded of what I’ll come home to
If you don’t need me then I can train myself not to need you
In your frozen state, if I stick around I’ll freeze over too
So I’m sorry to say my love,
But I am breaking away and drifting out into the unknown
Unless you have something to say and care to pull me back
I'll be gone forever, and God knows I won't look back.

(written 10/07)

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