Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nameless Poem

I am in the autumn of my youth,
Still searching for a long lost tooth,
Soul tumbles through,
Draped in the bluest hue,
Room after room tumbling,
Bumbling, grumbling, fumbling… crumbling,
Surrounded in sounds so humbling,
Fading into times lost dunes,
A lost piper’s tune,
Drifts like a nightingale’s song.

Wondering how it all went wrong,
A story book past carved in crumbling stone,
A heart down the well thrown,
Water and blood churning,
Yearning, burning, turning… learning,
Forest of feelings left free burning,
Nothing left to say,
Your heart left to slay.

Hoof beats to the tempo of the night,
A blood stained dress all in white,
Windless trees bend and sway,
Steeples dressed all in gray,
Ferry you across the killing fields,
Water thick like blood that never yields,
Priests are winking,
I will be thinking, blinking, shrinking… sinking,
Disappearing into the bog still sinking,
Lost forever will I be,
On one knee.

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