Wednesday, November 26, 2008


What drives human being towards its destruction? What causes us to believe so strongly in the conciseness inevitable annihilation? According to the physicist, or for what it may be worth the empiricist, everything in the universe obeys the law of conservation. Matter, energy, and even time itself is beyond annihilation, and is simply left to be rearranged time and time again. So what makes us believe that conciseness is not a entity which also obeys the principle of conservation? Even the term ‘un-conciseness’ seem queer in a strange way. When one is un-concise is one without conciseness? Or are they simply unaware of their conciseness? So as such is it not the same in death? In death are we not simply also unaware?

One might ask, "Can you indicate what it is of conciseness that is is conserved?" I might simply first retort with a question of my own. "What is it of momentum that is conserved?" In this way I really ask is moment any more abstract a concept then conciseness? The physicist, I feel, would tell us that momentum can not be seen so much as demonstrated. Momentum is not something you point at, it is something that effect those things which can be pointed at. Conciseness is the same way.

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