Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ancient highway

We walked to the edge of the world; we found the very edge of reason. And in the darkness hope and pain looked as one and the same. All was lost there. Nothing was found. Every spark of humanity died without a home. The hearts of men grew cold as we sat on the edge of a knife. Running past the stop signs and crossroads of our youth, we found no homes for our friends. So we turned the car around, and speed down the ancient high ways past the rest stops and by-ways of our long lost fathers.  We found nothing but the remnants of the American mythos. A thousand lives but only one soul. Lost between the pain and lust of puberty, we had everything to lose and nothing to gain, or so we could only think. We crossed from the fields and silos of our fathers across a line of blood and into the heart of the land of the believers. We found the Baptists of old along the twisting river. As the brown murky waters rolled past our eyes we watched as they submerged the heads of our brothers and sisters. It was baptism in blood in the age of sin; the second coming in the folds of the New York Times. What was to become of us upon that night? Where we the victims of our fathers sins? I would think not, we where nothing more than the next chapter in the transparent history of our lord, another stepping stone on the way to hell. Many different lives, one soul. We would be lost but for that ancient highway. 

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