Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Perfect Morning

Morning comes across a clear sky
Its air breathing cool through the trees
The trees submitting to the change in season
Their leaves turning to auburns and goldens as a mark of their transition

This air cold on my skin and cold on the town’s
The gathered wood warms home and hearth
The air carries its scent and enfolds us all

My spirit revels in such a perfect morning
Like so many of the autumns in years past
The same morning that has taken me to school
The same that has baked warm sweets by my mother’s hand
The same that walked by my side as I journeyed abroad so far from home

This morning is of my heart and soul
A moment in a fleeting season that I can only reach for
Never to truly grasp before it is gone
A phantom of life’s eternal transition from rest to rebirth

Forever drawn into its gaze I can’t stay long enough before the cold sends me away
Back to my own hearth
To send the smoke signal to another’s heart.

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